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Despite promises to upgrade to Fibre, many rural areas in France often suffer from old, slow, unreliable copper networks.

 It's time everyone had access to Superfast Broadband!

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Are you unable to get broadband via your telephone line? 

Do you have a frustratingly slow dial-up connection...or an unreliable ADSL service?

Rural Satellite Internet are registered suppliers for Nordnet, France's only "broadband by satellite" supplier. 

Together we can offer a solution to your problem.

You can have a 2-way broadband connection, with speeds up to 100Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload via satellite.

We can provide a "broadband by satellite" kit, arrange a professional installation at your home and immediately you are away surfing the internet.

Our systems come with a fixed phone number.  

You can also have French/English TV as an option.

     Rural Satellite Internet in France      

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